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Clause One: Introduction:

Welcome to The following are the terms and conditions relating to your use and your access to pages and all the pages, links, tools, and sub-features of it. Your use of the site is your agreement to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, which includes all the details below, and it is a confirmation of your commitment to respond to the content of this agreement with us., hereinafter referred to as "we" and also referred to as "", in connection with your use of the website, and hereinafter referred to as the "Usage Agreement" and this agreement shall be in effect if you use the website.

Second Clause: Eligibility for Membership:

Membership to the site is granted only to those over the age of 18. reserves the right to cancel the account of any member under the age of 18. You must comply with all applicable laws to regulate Internet commerce. No member has the right to open two accounts simultaneously for any reason, and the site administration has the right to freeze the two accounts or cancel one of them. Users must abide by the commercial contracts concluded with members

Clause Three: Accounts and Registration Obligations:

Immediately upon submitting the application to register for membership on the site, you will be required to disclose specific information and choose a secret user name and password to be used when entering the site. Upon acceptance of the registration application, you will be considered a member of the site and thus, you will have agreed to: - You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and confidential password and for determining the persons permitted to access and use your account on the site. You agree to notify immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of your confidential information. - will not be responsible in any way for any loss that may happen to you, directly or indirectly, morally or financially as a result of revealing the username or password information. - You are responsible for maintaining the use of with all seriousness and credibility and you are obligated to indemnify for any direct or indirect losses that may incur as a result of any unlawful, real or authorized use of your account by you or by any person. Another obtained the keys to access your account on the site, whether to perform services and others, using the username and the login password, either with or without authorization from you. You agree to disclose true, correct, updated and complete information about yourself as required in the registration form. - That you do not include in the registration card any of your contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, or any personal details. - is committed to treating your personal information and your contact addresses with complete confidentiality with other members. Members are provided with your contact information only upon completion of business operations. - You will be obligated to maintain and update the registration data in turn to keep it true, correct, current and complete, and if it discloses information that is not true, incorrect, incomplete, incomplete, or contrary to what is stated in the user agreement, then. has the full right to stop, limit or Cancel your membership and your account on the site, without prejudice to's other rights and its legitimate means of recovering its rights. - has the absolute will and at any time to conduct any investigations it deems necessary directly or through a third party and asks you to disclose additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity and / or ownership of your financial instruments. In the event that the applicant for registration represents a commercial establishment, you must provide all the required information and documents that include your commercial license, other documents for the institution and / or documents that show the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf. You agree to provide any information and / or documents to if requested by you. - In the event of non-compliance with any of the above, management has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block you from the site. We also reserve the right to cancel any unverified and unverified accounts, operations or accounts that have been inactive for a long time.

Fourth Clause: Electronic Communications:

You agree to communicate with you via e-mail, or by broadcasting promotional advertisements on the site, and you agree that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications that you provide electronically replace their written counterparts, in meeting legal needs. will send you promotional emails during your membership period to inform you of any changes, procedures or new advertising activities that may be added to the website. As a user, you have the right to confirm that you do not want to receive promotional emails, and you can cancel receiving such messages, by clicking on the option to request not to receive promotional messages, which is available at the bottom of the promotional and advertising messages.

Fifth clause: Amendments to the user agreement and this working mechanism:

You know and agree that will notify you of any amendment to the User Agreement, according to which your obligations will be doubled or your rights diminished according to any amendments that may be made to the User Agreement. You agree that, with its absolute power and without liability, may make fundamental or subsidiary amendments to this agreement without requiring additional approval from you, at any time and with immediate effect, by broadcasting an announcement of the amendment on the site.

Clause Six: Your personal information and transaction details information:

You have no objection to granting an unlimited, universal, permanent and irrevocable right, exempt from charges, and licensed to use personal information or materials or otherwise that you provided to us for the site and / or advertised on the site through registration, bidding, purchase. Or, during the process of displaying and selling the goods, through the forms designated for communication and registration, or through any electronic message or any of the communication channels available on the site. This is in order to operate and promote the site in accordance with the use agreement. Confidentiality of information agreement. You are the only one responsible for the information that you send or publish, and's role is limited to allowing you to display this information on the website pages and through its advertising channels.

Article Seven: Copyright:

All content on the site, including but not limited to texts, graphic designs, logos, button icons, icons, audio clips, digital loads, collected data and electronic programs, are property and rights reserved either to or its users, to the authors of this content and to the delegates It is protected under copyright, trademark, intellectual and creative property rights and laws. The content collected on the site is the exclusive property and its rights are reserved to, and it is protected within the copyright, trademarks, rights and laws of intellectual and creative property.

Clause 8: Damages to

If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated, you should inform If the above clause is proven, then may resort, without prejudice to its interests and consequent rights, to limit, suspend or block a user's access to a site and / or cancel his membership on the site, or remove his contents on the site. can also resort to technical and / or legal steps against users who create problems or legal claims of any kind, such as violating intellectual property rights of third parties or dealing in inappropriate ways with this user agreement or with our contracts.

Clause 9: Confidentiality: takes physical, organizational and technological measures to protect against unauthorized access to, and storage of, your personally identifiable information. Bearing in mind that the Internet is not a secure medium, and the confidentiality of your personal information cannot be guaranteed 100%. will provide your contact information, the mobile phone and the e-mail to the second party, to complete the transaction, as soon as the two parties communicate to complete the shipping and payment process. has no control over the actions of any third party, such as other Internet pages linked to this site, or third parties that claim to represent you or others. You know and agree that may use your information that you have provided to it, in order to provide services to you at, and to send you marketing messages, and that the confidentiality contract on this site governs the collection, processing, use and transfer of your personally identifiable information.

Article 10: denunciation of the User Agreement:, according to the user agreement and according to law, may resort immediately and without liability to limit your activity, remove your bids in auctions, delete lists of your goods offered for sale, and warn other users about your activities, and may also resort to a temporary or permanent suspension, limiting or Withdraw your membership and / or limit or cancel your access to the site without prejudice to its other rights and its legitimate means to recover your rights in the event: If you violate the usage agreement If is not able to authenticate any of your information provided to it. If determines that your activities may cause you or other users and to be in legal trouble.

Clause Eleven: Cancellation of Access and / or Membership:

Without prejudice to his other rights and his legitimate means to recover his rights, can suspend or cancel your membership and / or your access to the website at any time without warning and for any reason, and without limitation, and it can cancel this user agreement.